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Some vehicle owners desire to keep their vehicles with them for longer durations as a hobby or as a memorable item. For this purpose, they always maintain their vehicles in good working condition by getting the repairs done immediately, from reliable repair centers, or by themselves if one is technically sound about some particular used auto part and its operations.

However, sometimes it happens that a particular part of the vehicle may not be available at any of the local spare parts dealers or if available they may be costly, or sometimes the original manufacturers may have stopped its production or various other such reasons. 

Hence, the only options available for the vehicle owners or the service technicians to source the desired parts or vehicles through the auto salvage yards. One can find a suitable salvage yard in almost all cities or localities where auto businesses are flourishing. 

In general, outside fences often cover such auto salvage yards. However, inside these fences, they consist of hundreds of cars or trucks or other vehicles or their variety of parts, which might be of interest to many service technicians or insurance companies or the enthusiastic owners doing the repairs on themselves.

Period 1: A unit specialized in providing vehicles parts (past – 2021)

We’re one of the tops in providing vehicle attachments in the area. The salvage yard is one of the most helpful places for most vehicle owners in order to save a lot of valuable money when they needs to purchase essential replacement parts for their vehicles. 

Because of this important reason, their demand is rising across various locations. They offer great savings for auto parts. The price differences one can derive at such yards could be around 60 to 90 % of the price of the original items. It depends on the part’s quality, lifetime, or uses.

Period 2: An information page about vehicles’ attachment (2022 – Present)

In 2022, we decide to end our service journey and shift to a new goal – growing our passion stronger through a community of vehicles, and the starting point is this information site. 

We’re delighted to provide you with vehicle information: attachment, tips, maintenance, etc. With a huge passion for vehicles, we hope to save your buddy vehicles from passing away with appropriate parts.

Thank you for being here with us, no matter whether you are an old friend or a new visitor, we all welcome you on board.

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